Want to Save Time, Energy, Money? Get the Contractor Involved Before You Design

At Victory Contractors, we can work from existing architect’s plans but there are advantages in getting us involved during the design phase. That’s because if you don’t have a contractor working with you from the start, it’s easy for your architect to come up with an over-engineered design that you love but ultimately can’t afford. Without us on board during the design phase, you may be facing major sticker shock.

We can remove that stress from the process by acting as a liaison between you and your architectural firm to make certain that everything is drawn to your liking and your budget.

But to make certain all your concerns are covered from the start, let us handle the job from the top of the design phase. Our design and architectural team will work closely with you to perfect your vision and give you exactly what you want. We have our own architects, who have worked with us for more than a decade, and they can draw up blueprints that meet your needs while providing design options that will make your budget work.

During the design phase, we will provide:

  • Pre-construction consultation architectural services and blueprints
  • Expert guidance during your building’s layout
  • Civil services & improvement design
  • Structural, mechanical and ADA design

Our plans are designed to:

  • Define the scope of the project in terms of space needs, required space program, construction costs and scope of work for final design
  • Identify issues, needs and technical requirements for the particular activities for which space is required
  • Address problems of feasibility: site constraints and opportunities, permit requirements, technical concerns such as utilities, engineering and potential cost premiums
  • Establish a basic framework for more detailed design decisions that must be made in subsequent phases of the project.

Whether you are building from the ground up or making tenant improvements to an office, restaurant, strip mall, church, school or strorefront, we can design it to convey a professional image and a distinctive identity while respecting your financial reality.

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